Marxism as science -Reply

Pete Bratsis aki at
Tue Apr 18 21:46:37 MDT 1995

   Obviously, the analytical Marxists (or, the Non-Bullshit Marxism
Group as they call themselves) enjoy a considerable degree of popularity
with the people of this list.  Of course, they are not simply trying
to salvage some 'scientific' Marx - they are supporting a particular
understanding of what science is and, thus, what particular forms of
Marxism are 'scientific'.  Even that which Elster et. al. might consider
'bullshit Marxism' claim scientificity.  For example, Althusser's
claim that Marxism is a science is based on a quite different and
non-empericist understanding of science by way of Gaston Bachelard.
Like Bachelard, Althusser sees science as a particular way of constructing
one's objest of analysis.
responce to a given phenomenon.  We are able to go beyond apperence,
abstract, and construct scientific quanger limited by our
emotional responces/practical experiences.

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