Stalin, Mao and Polemics

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Tue Apr 18 20:12:58 MDT 1995

>As it happens when I come back up the tube on Saturday afternoons there at
>the end of West Green Road, Tottenham, North London, are people I take to be
>black muslims.

As I'm sure you must know there are many different strains of the muslim
religion and different political orientations. Some are decidedly
multiracial and progressive politically. There are many instances of small
and temporary alliances in the US with the Nation of Islam and various
progressive movements. The Nation has gone through many political changes
and some individuals, even in key postions in the Nation have been marxist.

Right now the main thrust of the Farakan grouping is towards a variation of
the old Booker T. Washington approach of "pulling ourselves up by our
bootstraps" and "taking responsibility for our community." In the face of
the Gingrich attack and the Contract on America this translates into the
flip side of the rascist attack on affirmative action, welfare etc. Not a
very good basis for forming even temporary alliances at this juncture in my

>They appear to me to be quiet and dignified and in a sense rather
>admirable.  I do not experience them as hostile, though I assume they do not
>want to get their message over to me.
>They had posters up a couple of months ago announcing Farrakhan's
>(sp?) rally until the British government banned it. Suppose they ask me
>to sign a petition against this ban. Should I sign?

IMO yes in the interest of extending democracy (mainly because the
government wants to ban them, not nesessarily because you want people to
hear what he has to say.)
>In Tottenham  we have a Black Labour MP. Should he oppose
>the ban? Should labour party members oppose the ban?

IMO yes as above.

>But that is only one example. A fair democratic response to such a
>question might lay the seeds for cooperation, however guarded and limited,
>about another area later.



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