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Wed Apr 19 00:39:35 MDT 1995

Chris asked:
>They had posters up a couple of months ago announcing Farrakhan's
>(sp?) rally until the British government banned it. Suppose they ask me
>to sign a petition against this ban. Should I sign?
>In Tottenham  we have a Black Labour MP. Should he oppose
>the ban? Should labour party members oppose the ban?

Chris, I think that, yes, you should oppose the ban--as any ban.

What makes Farrakhan a leader? Why is he seen as a "race rebel", despite
his complicity in, as Scott M put it, the Republican agenda?  For no more
reason than this his putative harrassment by the White Man, embodied in the
govt and media.  That is the key to his popularity, the more he is
attacked, the more legitmate he becomes, the more power to stuff
counter-revolution down everyone's throats.

This whole dynamic was incisively discussed by Adolph Reed, Jr in his
two-part expose of Farrakhan in the Nation: "False Prophet: The Rise of
Louis Farrakhan", 1/21/91 and 1/28/91: "Whites and their agents, the
argument goes, expend so much energy on discrediting him because he is a
genuine advocate of black interests and thus a threat to white racial
domination.  In that view, the more he is attacked, the greaer his
authenticity and the more emphatically he must be defended."

True enough. the Ayatollah Khomeni was legitimated by the Shah's attack.
And look where he ended up.


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