Deutscher on Spinoza

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Apr 19 12:14:31 MDT 1995

While researching NEP, I came across this interesting observation by
Isaac Deutscher:

"As a rule the progressive or revolutionary Jew, brought up on the border
lines of various religions and national cultures, whether Spinoza or
Marx, Heine or Freud, Rosa Luxembourg or Trotsky, was particularly apt to
transcend in his mind religious and national limitations and to identify
himself with a universal view of mankind. He was therefore also
peculiarly vulnerable whenever religious fanaticisms or nationalist emotions
ran high. Spinoza and Marx, Heine and Freud, Rosa Luxembourg and Trotsky, all
suffered excommunication, exile, and moral or physical assassination; and
the writings of all were burned at the stake."

Louis Proyect

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