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> One more thing, now on Spinoza--anybody know anything about Christopher
> Norris' book on spinoza:  _Spinoza and the Origins of Modern Critical
> Theory_?
> Santiago

Sorry if this comes late - I was couple of days out of town.

That Norris' book is pretty awful, if I remember it at all. Norris
doesn't do much work on Spinoza, nor on critical theory: his major (?)
target is althusserian marxism - book is pretty sketchy, more political
than philosophical of nature. I was very disappointed, because I hoped
that here's a book that finally tells us the great spinozistic story of
modern critical and materiatistic thinking all the way from Spinoza to
Franfurt school.

I don't know whether I should've sent this posting to new
spinoza-sub-list? However, man named Jean-Francois Moreau has written a
nice book on Spinoza; german translation is "Spinoza und Marx" (from
early 1980's?), but there are better books as plain introductory books
such as Stuart Hampshire's "Spinoza".

Yours, Jukka Laari

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