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> am a student in Washington State and for part of my anthropology
>class  we need to do some ethnographic research, so I thought what
>better way to  reach a lot of people that by using the internet.  Could
>you all please  answer the questions below, all sources are
>anonymous.  Thank you very  much for your time, I really need to pass
>this class.

Sure, I'll help, and good luck with passing!

>1. Country or state of residence.
New York City, New York.

>2. Sex.

>3. Age (feel free to round).
>4. Ethnic origin.
First generation American. Son of Greek immigrants.

>5. Educational background.
BA from SUNY Stony Brook. Concentrations in Video production, Political
Science, Journalism.  MA from New School For Social Research.
Concentrations: Political economy of media, media and ideology,
computer-mediated communications.

>6. Occupation.
Cameraman (freelance) news monitor, video technician, occasional
>7. Approximate income.
>8. Marital status, kids?
Single, no kids

>9. How long have you held marxist beliefs?
Generalized lefty beliefs..for about 10 years. Explicit Marxism..about 3.

>10. How active are you?  ie just post, just read, go to rallies?
Pretty active. I'm in the International Socialist Organization. I post articles,
read books, run study groups, sell copies of Socialist Worker, go to
demos, branch meetings, give the occasional educational, part of the ISO
New York South branch and the ISO club here at the New School, my
reserach on Cyberspace as ideology is in journals; Artpapers, Journal Of
Social And Evolutionary Systems.


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