Ralph Dumain rdumain at
Wed Apr 19 21:58:42 MDT 1995

One might quibble with certain details of Rakesh's post as Justin
did (I myself think that white leftists do tend toward naivete
more than anything), but I want to express complete solidarity
with the spirit of what Rakesh has to say.  I have said the same
things myself for years in virtually identical language and I
thought I was the _only_ person to think this way, let alone have
the balls (or clit) to say it publicly.  I have said the same
things Rakesh has said sentence for sentence, item for item, and
we have an identical problem with a similar radio station right
here.  I am so tied up with work right now I lack the time to go
over Rakesh's and Justin's posts point for point, but remind me to
relate a relevant anecdote concerning a public confrontation
between Paul Robeson Jr. and Amiri Baraka a few years back.

Rakesh, go on telling it just like it is!  Don't let silly people
get you down or make you doubt your own reason.

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