"loons in RCP"

glevy at acnet.pratt.edu glevy at acnet.pratt.edu
Thu Apr 20 06:08:16 MDT 1995

I don't know that calling the RCP "loony" is a very useful political

The "style" of the RCP, justifying the designation "loon", was
described as "punk-anarchist."  I don't believe that either punks
or anarchists are loony.  The punk movement represents a counter-
cultural movement that has many different components and ideologies.
Anarchism is a social movement and ideology which Marxists need to
take more seriously and stop "dissing" as "loony."  Of course, it
is alot easier to dismiss a social group with a well-chosen negative
(and apolitical) term, but I don't believe such an approach is very
useful or analytical.

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