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Thu Apr 20 16:17:09 MDT 1995

		To Whom.....,

	I'd like to add something to the discussion (although something not,
perhaps, completely apropos) concerning Louis Farakhan and Black leadership.
Minister Farakhan highlights the need for socialist consciousness in the
political discussion in the US.  Were one to substitute the word "capitalist"
for the word "Jew" in Mr. Farakhan's and other elements of the Nation of
Islam's more unfortunate proclaimations, those proclaimations would (but for
their religio-historical ranting - not terribly relevant to average Americans
, I hope) would take a Quantum leap towards truth.  Anti-semitism is the
process of dangling a pinyata in front of an angry, and blinded, proletariat.
 Bigotry demands targets both bas and haut.

	As one white leftie not prone to anti-Farakhan politics, I find I
cannot decry the Nation of Islam because they describe the reality of racism
truest to its real ugliness.


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