"loons in RCP"

TimW333521 at aol.com TimW333521 at aol.com
Fri Apr 21 07:00:49 MDT 1995

I have been following this thread on the RCP with interest.  I believe the
central problem with a group like the RCP is that they have withdrawn into a
little cult.  This is why they  prefer to sell papers while waving large red
flags and taking an essentially "full progam" approach of advocating
revolution without any intermediate steps.  Such groups, in my opinion, are
harmful to the health of the left and should not be looked upon in a
condescendingly friendly way.  In power they lead to the purges of Stalin,
the death marches of Pol Pot, and the genocide of Hitler.

In any event I would like very much to get into contact with any former
members of the RCP or other Maoist groups who would like to be interviewed
about their experiences.  I am working on a book on political cults which
will cover LaRouche, the New Alliance Party, as well as various Trotskyist
groups.  Having an intimate experience with cult building (Trot variety) I
approach the subject with some knowledge and, hopefully, little if any axe to
grind.  My point is not to single out Maoists as such, or to evaluate Mao's
contributions  -- plus and minus -- but to confront the phenonema of
personalist groupings which dominate and totally absorb the members and then
exploit same.

So I need HELP!

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