Hell in a handbasket left

Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Fri Apr 21 09:22:44 MDT 1995

I'm sorry - but I'm up to here with all the whining and moaning on the left
about our supposed irrelevancy and decline and defeat and
woe-is-me-down-in-the-mouth. There is no direction to history. We have
nothing much to offer. The people have abandoned us and are going off to the
right. We have no program. We don't know what's right. We're tiny. We're
probably going to disintegrate and decline some more. Stop the struggle I
want to get off.

Excuse me while I barf. This is nonsense. This is the muddle of the
intellectuals and middle class radicals who can't get their bearing when
there are set backs and diffculties.

There is a direction to history and it is progressive - social development
is never in a striaght line - never has been. When you abandon a progressive
view of history then you blind yourself to new and developing trends. You
overestimate the enemy. The 'Contract on America' is a desperate reactionary
program that is based on the failures of the capitalist system. **They
cannot provide for the common good and they know it.**

As their system fails more and more of the working class and oppressed
people they are forced to take even more draconian measures. Already this is
energizing and developing new opposition and fightback coalitions. The
changes in labor in the US have been dramatic - important new lessons are
being learned everyday - many that will lead to even revolutionary
conclusions for many in labor.

The opportunity for the growth of the left has never been better in the last
50 years. The radicalizing potential of the working class and oppressed
people has never been greater.

It is just as silly and non-dialectical to pronounce that socialism and
revolution are "years away" as it was in an earlier time to pronounce that
the "revolution" is just around the corner. We can't possibly know. If you
had told the Bolsheviks in 1910 that the revolution was seven years away
most would probably have scoffed. **But we do know that many and much of the
objective requirements for a revolutionary situation exist today in the
world.** Capitalism is failing in a big way. That is where all the doom and
gloom on the left comes from - some are too influenced by the dominante
culture of dispair and decline. This is a powerful weapon of the ruling
class. To immobilize and hobble the left is a key part of their program.
What they fear most is a clear program that says the system *can* be
overturned and working people *do* have an alternative in socialism. What
they fear most is the new militance and fightback that is beginning to
develop among the people. Unfortunately some on the left are still licking
their wounds and wallowing in thier despair.

My party, the CPUSA, is growing at the fastest pace since I became a member
over 25 years ago. We are recruiting trade unionists and workers, African
American, Latino and other oppressed people, women, youth and seniors. We
are recruiting off the streets and at rallies and picketlines and protests.
We're even recruiting intellectuals.

Shake off the duldrums - the class struggle is heating up and the lefts work
is cut out for it. We have nothing to lose to paraphrase the old man.


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