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JenaSee at aol.com JenaSee at aol.com
Fri Apr 21 12:57:11 MDT 1995

I'm brand new to this newsgroup, so bare with me if I seem to be replying to
something out of context of a longer discussion.

On the issue of white intellectuals refusing to denounce, or even criticize
right-wing blacks, much of this hesistation comes from the fact that any
black figure that is prominent in the media (or even barely visible in any
political forum) is taken to represent the entire population of black people
in this country.  For example, the media (that is, the eyes,ears and voice of
the white intellectuals) continues to apologize to the public for remarks
made by Farrakhan, while at the same time calling him a racist, and uses this
as representation of the views of the black masses.  On the other hand, Rush
Limbaugh is protrayed simply has someone who has a right-wing orientation,
but does not speak for all.  And furthermore, these two figures are presented
as political equals, when, in reality, Rush Limbaugh represents the status
quo, while Farrakhan is simply a reaction to the status quo.
I'd be very interested in hearing from others exactly what measures should be
taken in criticizing right-wing blacks, while at the same time not lumping
them with people like Limbaugh.

Jena See
Cincinnati, OH

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