Third worldism

Thomas Meisenhelder tsmeisen at
Fri Apr 21 15:09:55 MDT 1995

Thanks for what I think is a very good analytical defense of third-worldism.
That this kind of thinking still is useful seems apparent from the ongoing
work of Samir Amin.

Two small questions:  1) How does third world feminism deal with the
interaction of gender and class?  What about the women of the domestic
capitalist class and ruling political bloc?  2)  I think you're too hard on
hte international solidarity movements --a lot of very good organizing and
educating was accomplished through/in these groups.  Think of the progress
of the Central American and Anti-apartheid groups and their outreach.
Aren't we still building on this work in very many places on the left?  And
in my experience many of these groups were centered on a critical solidarity
that both supported the struggles of third world peoples and critiqued that
struggle at the same time.  Isn't this same dynamic beginning to emerge in
the work going on about Chiapas?  In fact I would argue that many U. S.
left-solidarity groups often are hyper-critical of their third world
comrades ---such as thinking of the Zapatistas as "reformists with guns".


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