Handbasket left

Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Sat Apr 22 07:16:13 MDT 1995

Sorry Justin,

The note was *not* in response to you, but rather to a Barbara Ehrenright
(sp?) article someone posted on another list. I just sent it along for good
measure - I do get that tone from a lot of posts on this list though.
Acutally, now that I think about it maybe your post was in the back of my
head - only thing is I *didn't* read it til after I had already posted
'handbasket.' Seems I hit a sore spot eh....

As to those upset by our growth..... That I enjoy. The proof is in the
pudding as to steps forward or backwards - probably just more proof that US
workers are backward ....huh? Can't we give ole Uncle Joe a rest - sweeping
charges of Stalinism are silly beyond belief. I for one am never troubled by
any growth on the left - no matter my disagreements, and I am always
troubled by decline...almost as troubled as I am by people who revel in
decline and failure.


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