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JenaSee at aol.com JenaSee at aol.com
Sat Apr 22 10:08:48 MDT 1995

On Fri, April 21, jschwart at freenet stated:
<Direct your real fire against the Barrys and Bradleys, giving them
<disrespect due to any capitalist politician.

This was written in response to my inquiry on how to criticize black
right-wing politicians without automatically lumping them into the same group
as Limbaugh and co.

The problem with "giving them disrespect due to any capitalist politician",
is that black capitalists are not any capitalist politician.  There is a
significant qualitative difference between white, capitalist politicians, and
black capitalists wannabees.  The most important difference is that for many
black Americans, black capitalism is still seen as the one and the only way
to liberate the masses of black people.  However, for white Americans
capitalism is the norm that many do not want to see changed.  What I'm
getting at here is that there needs to be a difference in how we criticize
(and more importantly, expose) right-wing blacks.  We cannot criticize black
right-wing politicians without specifically pointing out to them, and to the
masses, that racism is a fundamental aspect of capitalism in this country,
and that black capitalism is no solution to racism, but will only further
push the problem.  We cannot forget that while it is important to criticize
the so called 'leaders', it is just as important to expose them to the people
and educate the masses.

Jena See

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