Nonrevolutionary times

Michael Hoover hoov at
Sat Apr 22 13:20:18 MDT 1995

> What is "revolutionary reformism"?  I've never heard the phrase before.  It
> seems to me to be a contradiction of terms.

Andre Gorz (STRATEGY FOR LABOR/1967) - before he said farewell to the
working class - made a distinction between "reformist" reforms and
"radical" reforms...the latter focussed on the workplace - particularly
the point of production - where workers experience exploitation but
are potentially powerful...Gorz maintained that certain specific
demands concerning working conditions could develop into more general
objectives such as worker control of management and the suppression
of capitalism...of course, Marx maintained that the Ten Hours' Bill
was a victory for the working class whereby social production
controlled by social foresight won out over the "blind rule of the
supply and demand laws which form the political economy of the


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