"loons in RCP"

Paul Cockshott wpc at clyder.gn.apc.org
Fri Apr 21 20:33:45 MDT 1995

To follow up Chris's comments about new democracy and the
extension of these ideas to South Africa. I think that it
is highly questionable to say that the compromises and coalitions
that are being entered into there by the communists and the
ANC have anything to do with democracy. They speak rather of
the weakness of the democracy of South Africa.

The compromises that were made with the National Party, stemmed
not from its popular support, but from the raw social power that
it represents - both as the party of established capital and
as the party of the repressive state apparattus.

Such compromises can gladden only the hearts of those who
identify democracy with 'moderation'. I suspect that moderation
is never more than the disguise adopted by oligopoly.


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