CPUSA: Moscow's stooge

Andy Daitsman adaitsma at mail.cc.trincoll.edu
Sat Apr 22 15:02:24 MDT 1995

>The WSJ had a review of a book whose identity escapes me except that it was
>published by Yale, which the reviewer claims "proves" that the CPUSA was
>really truly Moscow's stooge. Anyone know the story on this?

I heard an interview with the guy on NPR a couple of weeks ago.  I can't
remember his name either.  For some reason, I think he's a professor at
Columbia.  Maybe Louis knows a little more about him.

His view is a little more nuanced than the popular press accounts of the
book would lead you to believe.  His research is based on Soviet archives,
and he claims to have found evidence that the CPUSA did in fact run a covert
intelligence operation, which was financed entirely by the Soviets.  The
vast majority of party members however were unaware of the network.  He
found no references to Alger Hiss, but he did corroborate important parts of
Whittaker Chambers' story.  The Rosenbergs, he says, were innocent.

He claims to be doing a revisionist history of the Cold War now that it's
over.  He wants to recognize that the ideals of the Communist rank and file
were pure, but the actions of the leadership really did pose a threat to the
national security of the US.

Big revision, huh?


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