CPUSA: Moscow's stooge (revisited, deja vu all over again)

Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Sat Apr 22 15:33:04 MDT 1995

The book is titled something like "The Secret World of American Communism"
and is by a guy named Keuhl or something like that. Anyway I went to try and
get a copy of it at the local bookstore. It was supposed to be published in
Feb 95 but is now not scheduled til May 95. Sure is getting a lot of
attention for a book that ain't even out yet....hum


>>The WSJ had a review of a book whose identity escapes me except that it was
>>published by Yale, which the reviewer claims "proves" that the CPUSA was
>>really truly Moscow's stooge. Anyone know the story on this?
>I heard an interview with the guy on NPR a couple of weeks ago.  I can't
>remember his name either.  For some reason, I think he's a professor at
>Columbia.  Maybe Louis knows a little more about him.
>His view is a little more nuanced than the popular press accounts of the
>book would lead you to believe.  His research is based on Soviet archives,
>and he claims to have found evidence that the CPUSA did in fact run a covert
>intelligence operation, which was financed entirely by the Soviets.  The
>vast majority of party members however were unaware of the network.  He
>found no references to Alger Hiss, but he did corroborate important parts of
>Whittaker Chambers' story.  The Rosenbergs, he says, were innocent.
>He claims to be doing a revisionist history of the Cold War now that it's
>over.  He wants to recognize that the ideals of the Communist rank and file
>were pure, but the actions of the leadership really did pose a threat to the
>national security of the US.
>Big revision, huh?
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