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Justin Schwartz jschwart at freenet.columbus.oh.us
Sat Apr 22 18:58:54 MDT 1995

There is a large and active Solidarity chapter in the U-Mass/5 Campuses
area based in the Haymarket Cafe in Northampton,
a  small business owned by a comrade named David Simpson. His phone is 413
586 5718.

 I won;t discourage you from checking out any left groups, even the CPUSA,
but why not look into the non-Stalinist left? Solidarity is one of the
larger (small, of course, by world stndards) American far left groups. It
descends from the old International Socialists and is very active in labor
work. Comrades work in TDU, New Directions in Auto, and some of them write
for the rank-and-file labor press in Detroit. You will probably have read
some of their work. Unlike the social democratic groups or the CPUSA wew
maintain a policy of independent political action--organizing labor,
community, and union groups to work independently of the major political
parties. Our own publications are Against the Current (from Detroit) and
Independent Politics (from Oakland, CA).

--Justin Schwartz

On Sat, 22 Apr 1995, Frances A Young wrote:

> Scott,
> Thank you so much for your encouraging message.  It's good to know that
> there are people who haven't given up.  I'd like to know more about
> CPUSA.  Can you tell me how to contact them?
> I'm a grad student in the Labor Relations and Resource Center at
> UMass-Amherst (well, actually I'll be beginning in the fall) and have
> been looking for a group with whom to affiliate.
> Thanks,
> Frances Young
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