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Sat Apr 22 19:50:54 MDT 1995

We are asked to "give Uncle Joe a rest."  Forgive and forget?  Never!
Too many millions of people have died.  Moreover, the CPUSA made excuses
for (and denied) that slaughter.

In any event, the IWW is a far more relevant organization today in the
US than the CPUSA.  (No, I'm not a Wobblie).  I find it hard to believe
that any serious radical still believes that the U.S. working class is
(or will be) attracted to that organization.

On Sat, 22 Apr 1995, Scott Marshall wrote:

> Sorry Justin,
> The note was *not* in response to you, but rather to a Barbara Ehrenright
> (sp?) article someone posted on another list. I just sent it along for good
> measure - I do get that tone from a lot of posts on this list though.
> Acutally, now that I think about it maybe your post was in the back of my
> head - only thing is I *didn't* read it til after I had already posted
> 'handbasket.' Seems I hit a sore spot eh....
> As to those upset by our growth..... That I enjoy. The proof is in the
> pudding as to steps forward or backwards - probably just more proof that US
> workers are backward ....huh? Can't we give ole Uncle Joe a rest - sweeping
> charges of Stalinism are silly beyond belief. I for one am never troubled by
> any growth on the left - no matter my disagreements, and I am always
> troubled by decline...almost as troubled as I am by people who revel in
> decline and failure.
> Scott
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