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To follow up Chris's comments about new democracy and the
extension of these ideas to South Africa. I think that it is
highly questionable to say that the compromises and coalitions
that are being entered into there by the communists and the ANC
have anything to do with democracy. They speak rather of the
weakness of the democracy of South Africa.

The compromises that were made with the National Party, stemmed
not from its popular support, but from the raw social power that
it represents - both as the party of established capital and as
the party of the repressive state apparattus.

Such compromises can gladden only the hearts of those who identify
democracy with 'moderation'. I suspect that moderation is never
more than the disguise adopted by oligopoly.



I hope that you, Paul, have read my recent posting about the
present situation in SA.

I am afraid that politics operates in the real world. You are more
or less correct when you say that the compromises were made
because of the relative strength of the enemy.

The immediate conclusion that you make from this fact of life is
rather subjective. Who identifies moderation with democracy? Whose
hearts are gladdened?

As far as can be ascertained from the reactions of the people they
are pleased that democracy (granted imperfect and incomplete) has
given them a say in the choice of government. I also do not see
the bosses (especially the nationalists) dancing in the streets
and welcomming the changes.

Why are we constantly advised to be miserable every time we win
some victory all be it a small one. Why are we (by which I mean
all those who are working in whatever way for a better socialist
world) constantly being advised that it is ALL or NOTHING.

Even a revolution is constructed on the basis of small victories
and the successful winning of reforms.

Ron Press.

Why do our friends as well as our enemies kick us in the teeth.

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