oklahoma bombing

JenaSee at aol.com JenaSee at aol.com
Sun Apr 23 17:31:40 MDT 1995

There are many obvious aspects of the bombing that we, as Marxists, can
address, as well as more obscure issues.  One of the more obscure issues that
has definitely disturbed me is the alliance of the left (center) and right
wings of the government over this issue, and how that alliance is forged over
the ideal of "American values", or the "American way of life".  Underlying
this is a definite undertone of racism and anti-Arab sentiment, which is an
issue that seems obvious, but that the media has been very quick to
An issue very close to home for Marxist (and more importantly, organized
socialists) is the anti-terrorism bill which is being plugged in a most
grotesque way by this incident.  The anti-terrorism bill requires a minimum
of ten years imprisonment (if your not shot by the cia first) for any person
or organization which supports, affiliates with, or is a member of an
organization which, more or less, the US government does not approve of.  The
lists includes orgs like the PLO, the IRA, and the ANC.  Of course, although
it does not say specifically, it includes commies and any sympathizers.
Theorectically and practically, I see the anti-terrorism bill as the most
important area of political work around the oklahoma bombing.  Realistically,
 i don't think it will be very easy to get average working people to see past
the threat on "American values".

Jena See

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