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Sun Apr 23 19:25:32 MDT 1995

The "New York Post" had an article on the bombing suspects in which
the suspects were described as "anarchists."  The "Post" went on to
describe the political ideology (far right wing) of these people.

This makes me a bit aprehensive since the Left has on more than one
occasion been blamed for the excesses of the Right.  The use of the
term "anarchist", especially, has been rewritten in meaning by
capitalist governments and the bourgeois media.

Despite the above, I tend to believe that Thami Madinane's advice is

On Sun, 23 Apr 1995, THAMI MADINANE wrote:

> Der Comrades:
> Because of the lies and deceptions this story continue to generate,
> it particular in the climate of grief and anger.  Most of what can be
> said so far is still dangerous speculation which also tends to breed
> irrationality.  I would prefer we refrain, at least for a while, from
> this discussion.
> Thami
> New School for Social Research
> Department of Economics
> New York.
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