white people and the Black right-wing

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Some reflections on Kenny's post:

>.  One would think that Justin Schwartz's factual correction would
>have caused them to think through the matter a little; but the "tone",
>Dumain tells us, is correct.  For those interested, Shelby Steele makes
>the identical argument about white liberals in *The Content of Our

Ralph and I both pointed out that local progressive radio stations have
allowdallow the propagation of nonsense as African liberation.  This has
not been factually corrected.  Kenny was on one of the Afro-American lines
on which there was much favorable discussion of  Frances Cress Welsing--
who argues that the white fear of genetic annilihation drives modern

  Anyone who makes room for, much less features, such arguments-- without
the possibility of rigorous refutation-- is an enemy of progress.  And in
the case of these radio stations, this seems to have happened.

I also noted Reed's critique of white liberal treatment of Jesse Jackson
whose full counter-revolutionary agenda should be absolutely clear by now.
To his credit, Andrew Cockburn (if I remember correctly) noted the
possibility of the Jackson campaign being used to limit what he called
street heat.  Some serious Marxists immediately noted the counter-insurgent
potential of the campaign (as did of course council communists). None of
these critics were deterred by their race--thank goodness.

These are concrete points to which there has not been much response,
focused as it has been on Farrakhan for whom no apologies should be made.
The media does not criticize him in terms of his strategy of ghetto
revival. And except for Reed, there has not been much detailed exposure of
him in even the more widely-circulated progressive media.

>One might, alternatively, argue, that the demand to denounce (for
>example) Louis Farrakhan every time one opens one's mouth, especially
>every time one says anything about the sorry state of contemporary Black
>organization (not fundamentally different, of course, from the sorry
>state of contemporary white organization), is racist.

This is so fucked up that I do not even know what to say.    Malcolm X's
daughter does not seem to think that  criticizing (much less killing)
Farrakhan is racist. Sometimes I must wonder what is going on in this

 We need to look at the effects that Farrakhan's demagoguery has on people.
 Having taught in high schools the day after a Farrakhan lecture, I openly
say that I detest the effect that his analysis (to misuse a word) of racism
has on the intellectual development of young people. And I detest even more
Frances Cress Welsing's so-claimed sociobiological "theory" of  the fear of
white genetic annihilation.

I do not know what such trash does for the assuagement of white guilt.  But
it can be nothing more than assuagement.

But both Welsing and Farrakhan fill up auditoriums of ordinary people when
they come to speak.  Teachers, preachers, and leaders are mobilized to turn
people out for this nonsense.   And it is part of a very clear programme of
ideological counter-insurgency.


ps Kenny, why not talk about some of the new work in African-American labor
history: what do you plan on using in your courses?

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