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Mon Apr 24 01:31:00 MDT 1995

The  RCP has provided a  valuable service (other than Larry Everest's very
helpful book on the Bhopal explosion): the republication a series of
British Communist Party pamphlets from 1933.  RCP theorists themselves are
at odds with the theory in these pamphlets; it seems to me that they have
returned to a disproportionality theory, which as Mattick has shown is an
apologia for state capitalist resolution of crisis.  See Mattick's Economic
Crisis and Crisis Theory (Armonk: NY: Sharpe, 1991).

  The 1933 pamphlets are collected in Political Economy: Marxist Study
Courses (Chicago: Banner Press, 1976).

I think that these study pamphlets are quite interesting and very worthy of
study (the wage and crisis theory is provocative, as is the critique of
planned capitalism; the authors were obviously quite familiar with the
latest developments in the theory of accumulation and crisis).

As an introductory work, concentrating on Marx's "economics", these
pamphlets were  perhaps  only surpassed (in the English-speaking countries)
in that decade by  William J Blake's 1939 Marxian Economic Theory and Its
Criticism, which includes a discussion of its only other serious rival in
the English speaking-countries--Maurice Dobb's Political Economy and

If anyone knows of any reviews of these republished pamphlets, please do
let me know.


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