globalizatio of capital

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Mon Apr 24 15:32:36 MDT 1995

<I like to start a discussion concerning the growing globaliztion of capital.

Well, so would I.  Most importantly because the growth of a world capitalist
economy necessitates (sp?) the need for a global Marxist analysis of capital,
hence a global solution (world revolution.).

Can anyone tell me what (if anything) has been written in the past  five
years on the world stock market and the absence of material currency?  I
attended an informative study in NY a few months ago on the topic, and
stupidly left without any references.  Marxist analysis on capital and labor
power definitely needs to take a new perspective simply because of the fact
the labor power no longer determines price, profit, or the rate of currency.
The presence of a 'false economy' (particularly one that is global)  seems as
if it could be the death throes of capitalism.  But if capitalism can create
and sustain itself (for now) on an economy that  is not based on labor power
and trades more material wealth than actually exists, does that mean that it
will just find ways to continue even though crisis?  (This is a question for
those who might argue that capitalism will eventually just collaspe upon

Jena See

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