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Lisa Rogers EQDOMAIN.EQWQ.LROGERS at email.state.ut.us
Mon Apr 24 14:34:32 MDT 1995

At this point, I have two thoughts about Oklahoma.

First, it seems a twisted joke or just another distraction to be
moaning about the "safety of the nation" when more people suffer and
die from entirely predictable and preventable causes every day, such
as work injuries, low birth weight, spousal abuse, gang wars
resulting from poverty and the criminalization of drug use, etc.
There are differences in average life expectancy between
neighborhoods of the same city of over 100%, and that is before
adding in murder!  I wish things like this got as much press as
bombs do.

Secondly, what is with these bombers? what can they hope to gain, in
any terms, for any one?

I suspect that what drives a lot of such stuff is the internal
dynamics of those groups or sub-cultures.  There is competition
within any cult / club / organization.  Members compete for power and
prestige, and hating the Feds or whatever can be seen as the medium
for that competition.  The top organizers seem to manipulate others,
almost as if they just want to see how far they can get others to go.
Others go along perhaps because they aspire to power within the group
as well, and some are seriously trapped and want out.  There may well
be other goodies involved as well, such as money and mating
opportunities.  (This relates to my spiel on my view of some apects
of racism of a few weeks ago.)

I don't know much about the Michigan militia in particular, but I
think that internal competition between individuals and small
coalitions within any group often is responsible for a lot of stuff
that is otherwise difficult to explain.

Any other hypotheses?  Many of them may be simultaneously compatible.

Lisa Rogers

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