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On Thu, 13 Apr 1995, Scott Marshall wrote:

(words of Rob Frantz)..Stalin's pact with Hitler, a betrayal beyond belief. >

(words of Scott Marshall)
> This is total nonsense. The SU worked like hell to get a defense pact with
> the US, England and France. Imperialist policy at the time was to try and
> force Hitler to invade the SU and hope they would fight it out and bleed
> each other. The pact did give the SU time to build up its military
> capabilities to resist the enivitable onslaught. BTW the SU prepared for the
> war against fascism much earlier and with much greater forsight than did
> their imperialist allies. But there I go again blaming imperialism,
> especially US imperialism which produces such nice superior consumer goods!
> >Just ask the
> >German communists who Stalin dutifully handed back over to Hitler during
> >this time.
> I will ask them if you can tell me who they are?

Well, here's a short list--Alexander Weissberg, Margarete Buber-Neumann,
Carola Neher, Betty Olberg and Wally Adler.

My source is Betrayal-The Hitler Stalin Pact of l939 by Wolfgang Leonhard,
St. Martin's Press, 1986. I recommend the whole book, but the pages
specific to the return of German communists to Hitler are 63-72.

Now, I don't have much hope that you'll read this, because, having been
written by a "renegade," it might just be too "anti-Soviet" for your
system to handle.

By the way, we had a beautiful weekend here in Seattle. Me, the wife and boys
had fun in the park. Sorry, I didn't get to use my "self-righteousness"
to keep me warm.

Though I may come on a bit hard, you can take it. After all,
Scott, if you've been in the CP for 25 years, I don't expect you'll
blow over from a puff of hot air like me.



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