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On Mon, 24 Apr 1995 JenaSee at aol.com wrote:

> what good is writing to your congressperson going to do? (Besides putting
> some extra mail on their desks!)

Evidence is, lots of letters change votes. Really truly! And we do want
them to vote against the Antiterrorist Bill.

> How about letting the general public know that this kinda thing is going
> down?  How about organizing rallies around this the way there have been
> around the Contract On America?

Well, that too, of course. We incorporate this issue into the
anti-Contract rallies.

Unfortunately--speaking as a old hard-line civil libertarian--experience
shows that civil liberties issues are not ones people turn out to
demonstrate for as single issue campaigns.

But on something like this, letter writing makes a difference. And what
does it cost you? Fifteen minutes to write and 32 cents to mail.


> I'm just trying to think of some practical ideas that might facilitate some
> kind of movement around issues.  However, I do realize that this one in
> particular (the anti-terrrorism bill) is indeed a toughie.
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