CPUSA: Moscow's stooge

Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Mon Apr 24 07:33:41 MDT 1995

How does one go about getting a copy? The bookstores here say it won't be
released until May.

>I own a copy of the book in question.  It is The Secret World of American
>Communism and it is co-authored by Harvey Klehr, John Earl Haynes and a
>Russian, Fridrikh Igorevich Firsov.  It is published by Yale.  As far as I
>can tell the documents within the book (and the book is mostly documents)
>seem authentic.
>I agree with Justin that the aim of the book is to make Theodore Draper's
>case that the CPUSA was ONLY an extension of the USSR.  In my opinion it does
>not make that case.  The CPUSA was, in my opinion, ALSO the most effective
>left organization in the U.S. since Debs.
>The evidence falls into two categories.  The first is the funding the USSR
>provided the CPUSA.  There is nothing particularly new here except for the
>extent and duration of it.  It appears that Gus Hall was receiving  millions
>right up to 1987!
>It is the second type of evidence which is the most disturbing.  It appears
>to be quite conclusively proved that there existed within the CPUSA a
>separate "secret organization" which operated without the knowledge of
>members and outside all party statutes.  This secret group reported directly
>to Dimitrov in Moscow.  Browder and a few other top officials were well aware
>of its existence and organized independent funding for the group.  Its first
>head was Peters, mentioned in the Whittaker Chambers Case, later replaced by
>This group acted to purge the CP itself of dissident elements,  keep tabs on
>and penetrate rival communist groups (Trotskyists and Lovestoneites) and, it
>appears, collaborate with the GPU/NKVD/KGB on matters of concern to the USSR.
> However, the book is based on Comintern files and, while the information
>within it meshes with information from other sources, there is nothing in it
>that conclusively proves the secret police angle.  We should not be surprised
>if additional information will eventually come out of KGB files.
>I found particularly interesting, and worthy of condemnation even at this
>point in time, the penetration of the left by this CP group.  For instance a
>report from  Baker boasted that "highly successful efforts are being made to
>infiltrate the New York Trotskyist organization."  The authors suggest, and I
>believe they are right, this refers to the placing of Sylvia Caldwell as
>James P. Cannon's secretary as well as the work of Ruby Weil in helping to
>set up the assassination of Trotsky. The penetration of the Lovestoneites was
>even more extensive and Lovestone's entire archives were purloined and sent
>to the USSR.
>Also disturbing was the lengthy report on  "suspicious individuals and
>deserters" in the Abraham Lincoln Brigades.  These include accusations of
>Trotskyism and we can suspect those so accused could actually have been
>killed while in Spain  by Soviet secret police!
>It is not a pretty picture but there is no reason for the left to gloss over
>it.    This state of affairs certainly set the CP and the whole left up for
>the kind of witchhunting which took place.  Of course such witchhunting would
>have taken place anyway but it pisses me to learn that the witchhunters had
>even half a case!
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