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In case anybody is interested:
a group of my friends produce a socialist magazine
in the working class town of Bridgewater, England.
Bridgewater is in a rural, conservative area but
has a proud history of militancy. The magazine is
a good example of some of the grassroots non-sectarian
initatives emerging in the UK. I'm sure they would be
delighted to get a few subscribers in far flung places.

Here is their introduction:

Somerset Community Defence Campaign

We were formed in 1985, by socialists &
trade unionists in the Somerset area who had
been active during the 1984-5 NUM strike, &
who saw the relevance of that struggle to jobs
and communities everywhere.

The capitalist system is destroying our communities
and our way of life.
15 years of Tory rule has hastened the process in
Britain. Only a strong and united Labour movement
linked to progressive campaigns for peace,civil liberties
& enviromental protection can defend us and ultimately
resolve this crisis.

Our role is to campaign independentlyin the
working class movement, and to help build confidence
& willingness to fight. We only want to work with
those who want to win - to many struggles have gone down
because they've been hi-jacked by defeatists and

Don't just moan - organise!

Anyone interested insubscribing to an excellent
working class socialist magazine send 5 pounds
sterling or equivalent to:

Somerset Community Defence Campaign
4 Gordon Terrace

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