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Tue Apr 25 02:39:18 MDT 1995

Why are we constantly advised to be miserable every time we win
some victory all be it a small one. Why are we (by which I mean
all those who are working in whatever way for a better socialist
world) constantly being advised that it is ALL or NOTHING.

I do not dispute that what is taking place in South
Africa is a positive step, and a tribute to years of
determined resistance to oppression by the people
there. But what I am cautioning against is a generalisation
of what happened there to the rest of the world.

South Africa was a uniquely oppressive and unjust society,
whose minority racist constitution existed nowhere else.
What has been achieved there is a partial move towards
the norms of bourgeois society. It is partial, in that
in no normal bourgeois state would the party of government
be forced to make such concessions to the opposition.

In my opinion, the claims of any parliamentary system of
government to be democratic are very limited, but even
within these limited terms, to extend the experiences
of South Africa to other countries would be retrograde.
In France, for instance it would imply a grand coalition
including the FN, in Italy an alliance with Fini etc.
I see little to recomend such courses of action.

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