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Tue Apr 25 04:44:20 MDT 1995

		In reply to Mr. Yasko.

	You point out rightly that I was overly glib in my remark about
substituting "Capitalist" for "Jew" in Farrakhan's rhetoric.  Mr. Farrakhan
is clearly a bigot, and an uneducated one at that.  I was, however, trying to
indicate that Black politics has within it a fundamental recognition of class
that is lacking in American politics generally.  Further, the Nation of Islam
has always been preeminent in raising black people from complacency as
regards their economic rights.  Unfortunately all their efforts are wasted
because of their idiotic slander and bigotry.

	If I don't openly protest Farrakhan, it's because I see that movement
as infantile in both the positive and negative sense.  I hope that the futile
coprolalia in which that movement engages will give rise to more reasoned
polemic when they feel their oats.  However, even as I write this my hopes
are almost eclipsed by gloom.


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