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Michael D. Damore mdamore at moose.uvm.edu
Tue Apr 25 08:37:13 MDT 1995

C'mon... are we not abusing the term "anarchy" here like so many in the
political mainstream do.  "Anarchy" is not chaos, and vice versa, nor is
anarchy the point where the Left and Right meet.
	Anarchism is an old and cherished philosophy and it's proponents
(Bakunin, Kropotkin, Goldman, and modern day versions like Chomsky) have
much to add to the discourse of the Left.  There are also those members
of the "libertarian" (a word stolen from the left, BTW -- apt for
capitalists, I would say) parties and the like, who claim to be
anarchists.  I guess most of the non-racist militia movement would fit at
this extreme.  But, as with many who claim anarchists principles, I have
found a definite streak of authoritarianism in their platform, at best
these folks are for small-time community repression as opposed to
big-time federal government repression.
	Newt Ginrich on the other hand, has nothing to do with anarchy --
he's an authoritarian prick with dilussions of being the dictator over
the masses.  The rhetoric of the Republican party has nothing to do with
any form of anarchist philosophy, it is simply an excuse to grant the
capitalists the right to rob and pillage the workers at will.

Mike D'Amore

On Tue, 25 Apr 1995, boddhisatva wrote:

> 		To whom...,
> 	The bombers are out to gain three things - revenge. regognition, and
> anarchy.   Anarchy is where the Left and the Right meet.  Anarchy is the
> price of revolution.  Newt Gingrich has described himself as a revolutionary.
> Well, after years of him and others shouting anti-government rightist
> rhetoric, he, and unfortunately we, have gotten the revolution the he asked
> for and America tacitly supported.  The terrorist has to feel himself part of
> a cohesive and recognizable group that is separate from the group he targets.
> If that group is his sovereign government, then his terrorism is
> revolutionary.  If the anarchy it causes is acceptable to the a large enough
> part of the rest of his society, the he IS a revolutionary.  Well, I guess
> the right's got a bit of a P.R. rethink to do on this one.
> 	peace
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