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Michael D. Damore mdamore at moose.uvm.edu
Tue Apr 25 08:47:44 MDT 1995

I agree that the bombing in Oklahoma City was absolutely inexcusable and
should be condemned by people of morality.  I do, however, vehemently
disagree with the proposition that anti-statism is anti-socialist.  The
state that presides over this nation is nothing more than an abusive
systenm of domination.  It tendency is to support capitalism and
capitalism supports it.
	The only thing that can be done with this state os for it to be
smashed.  History has shown us that it is absolutely impossible to
capture the state through electoral means because the system is
hard-wired to marginalize extremists.  I prefer organizing at the point
of our exploitation and build alternative structures that are based on
pure democracy and collective decision -making.  That's socialism to me.

Mike D'Amore

On Tue, 25 Apr 1995 TimW333521 at aol.com wrote:

> Clearly the Oklahoma bombing reflects the "spirit" of our times.  It
> represents  in extremis the kind of rightist anti-government agitation which
> Newt and Co. have used to take over Congress, and which is peddled each day
> on talk radio.  We must make this point over and over again.
> There is nothing, nothing, nothing good or progressive in this act.  The left
> needs to be morally outraged by this action and the needless slaughter of
> innocent people and little babies.  Socialism loses all meaning unless it is
> linked with real concern for real human beings.
> It is about time the left realized that the current onslaught against
> "government" is in reality an attack on the very essence of the socialist
> idea: that is that organized society should seek to meet the needs of
> ordinary people rather than serve the interests of a few.
> There is nothing at all positive in the anti-statist anarchist side of the
> Militias and related madmen (so far just men).    They represent a real and
> immediate fascist threat.  Of course we need to reach the human beings who
> get caught up in the demogoguery.  But we can only reach them by a head-on
> confrontation with the essential anti-government individualist ideology which
> actually strengthens the hand of the oligopolist powers which rule this land.
> The Militias are a serious force.  And we must insist that they take
> responsibility for those they encourage to take up arms on the basis of
> conspiracy theories which link them to anti-Semitism, racism, etc.
> This is not some abstract intellectual exercise.  It is not unimportant just
> because the eyes of ordinary people are upon the matter.  Are we so unused to
> dealing with matters which are part of popular consciousness that we will sit
> this one out?
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