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Tue Apr 25 13:39:40 MDT 1995

>>> Thomas Meisenhelder <tsmeisen at>  4/24/95, 02:32pm
...What does the developing power of transnational capital
--especially finance capital and the IMF/World Bank-- mean about the
current phase of capitalism?
Has capital outstrip the "arm" of the state?  Are we headed for a
world unity of capital under the multilateral insitutions or an
increasingly dangerous and violent competition between a few loosely
organized competitive blocs of capital?

What do these development mean for the theory of capitalism?  Who
is/was most correct --Engels, Lenin, Bukharin, Hilferding,
Kautsky????  Who has the best handle on what is happening?...

I am interested in hearing what are the implications of transnational
capital for theories of capitalism.  Partly because I'd like to learn
about the theories of capitalism.

Lisa Rogers

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