CPUSA: Moscow's stooge

Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Tue Apr 25 19:50:09 MDT 1995

Way to lighten up Justin - allows me to do likewize. At the very least I
expect others are bored with it by now.

>Scott and I don't seem to be getting anywhere, and as I suspect that most
>people on the list agree with me--which is why we aren't in the
>CPUSA--I'll leave the matter alone. The history of the CPUSA is of course
>central to the life of the American left in the 20th century and is
>undergoing constant reappraisal, of which the new  Klehr book is part,
>although not perhaps the most constructive part. (As Lisa's friend
>said--so, they were Moscow's stooges--this is news?) There's some good
>work by the New Communist historians, of which I think Robin D.G. Kelly's
>Hammer and Hoe is among the best--it's about the CP's honorable role in
>organizing Alabama sharecroppers in the 30s. There's also a new collection
>of papers by the NCH, whose title and editor I have misplaced, which
>Theodore Draper attacked in the NYRB as soft on communism. Haven't read
>it, but if someone has the reference, it mught be good to post it so folks
>who are interested can get a taste of what the NCH are doing. (Btw the NCH
>are not mostly, or at all, CP members, but new leftists who are interested
>in CP history.)
>For world communist history, and part of why the Klehr revelations are not
>news, see CLR James' World Revolution 1917-36, a history of the Comintern
>but a distinguished West Indian Trotskyist, or anyway Third Camper. (The
>Third Camp positions is: Neither Washington nor Moscow but International
>Socialism! Obviously this slogan is now one third obsolete.)
>--Justin Schwartz
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