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Wed Apr 26 01:43:04 MDT 1995

		Ms. Rogers,

	In the "where angels fear to tread" category, I nominate the
following : unions.

	If half-wit fascists can drum up support (and ammonium nitrate) with
bizarre fantasies of Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno subjugating the white
male under their liberal-feminazi-gun-grabbin' thumbs, and Newt can conjure
Kafka-esque images of the "welfare-state" bureacracies sucking in civil
liberties like a political black hole (I really can never get over how he can
possibly obviate the fact that welfare beneficiaries don't, for the most
part, vote), then certainly socialists can ask the question : Who controls
your life from 9 to 5 and why are they entitled to do it ?

	Remember the hay Perot made from "You are the owners of the country.
(now get the hell off my lawn)" ?  What if we gave people a way to REALLY own
the country ?

	Follow the money.  Get the bastards where they live.  Suck up their
profits and take their corporations away from them share by share.  Forget
"what kind of society".  We'll sort that out when we get the thing home and
in the garage.  Strike 'em, boycott 'em, strike down their anti-trust
exemptions and their "right to work" laws, get on the board, amend their
corporate charters, open the airwaves to free (in both senses) political
debate, pull the lobbyist weasels out of their sub-comittee burrows and stamp
on their heads,  LBO them, sue them, secondary boycott them, tertiary boycott
them, fill the executive washroom with rabid bats, TAX the bastards.

	Okay, so maybe the rabid bats thing was a little over the top, but
seriously, hadn't we better tend to this "workers control the means of
production" thing before we start a socialist constitutional congress ?
Besides, democracy is a chaotic system, you CAN'T predict the outcome.  Ask
Steve Keens, he'll tell ya.

	So there you have it, Roll the dice and move your rabid bats, uhh,..
mice, I mean.


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