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		Mr. Burford,

	Financing endemic capital formation on a worker-controlled or even
participatory basis as opposed to the foreign-owned equivalent of winepresses
for human beings might be a start.  Of course that would require accepting
the idea that there are not only two choices for capital control - market
capitalist, or non-market statist - ; that worker control is a legitimate
free market alternative.


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 > Sorry about the spelling and stupidly
 > simplistic view of things...
 > Will Brown	Bristol

Hi Will,

IMO the only thing you need to apologise about is apologising.

I for one agree with what you say.

We need to be revolutionary enough to start demanding reforms of the IMF,
World Bank, International Trading Organisation, and the ground rules for
the transnationals.

There are people to network with on this.

What reforms would be consistent with marxism? And which might make
common cause with say, post Keynsians? I wonder if anyone can come in?



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