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Wed Apr 26 09:06:42 MDT 1995

On Wed, 26 Apr 1995, boddhisatva wrote:
> 	Clearly my simplistic portrayal of the World Bank and IMF has given
> some people the idea that I accept the rhetoric of those organizations.
> 	However, burning at the stake would be too good for those
> neo-libertarian, scum-sucking, Chicago school, money-nazi, imperialist,
> mutant swine.

In the present context talking this way with a heading of the sort on this
thread is probably not prudent. We'd like to reform and democratize the WB
& the IMF if we cannot shut it down, but we intend no physical harm to its
plant or personnel, however strong we reprove their policies.

BTw I have a friend at the Bank--a woman I went to grad school with at
Cambridge. She's personally quite nice and not the least bit a
Chicago-school ideologue--rather a Robinsonian left-Keynesian, I I can
acahracterize her like that. She tells me stories which lead me to suspect
that bureaucrtic incompetence is responsible for some of the Bank's
misbehavior. Her first assignment at the Bank, right out of Cambs econ and
havinbg written a dissertation on Indian light industry, was to advise
Uganda and other African countries onm agricultural economics, a suvject
about whiuch she knew nothing. At another point she was posted to Algeria
on the grounds, as explained to her by her superiors, that she knew
French. In fact she had a couple years of A-level (hugh school) French and
could read a menu or ask the way to the train station. She says this is
quite typical.

So you see, Scott, "some of my best friends" are Communist Party members
and others are lackeys of imperialism. That's waht comes of spending too
much time at ruling class educational institutions.

--Justin Schwartz

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