globalizatio of capital

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Wed Apr 26 17:32:25 MDT 1995

For those interested in pursuing the subject of globalisation I
found 'Global Shift - The Internationalisation of Economic Activity
by Peter Dicken (who is a proffessor of economomic Geography at the
University of Manchester, England) very useful. It is published by
Paul Chapman Publishing. It is packed with data and has good studies
of particular industries.

I also think that International Business Week should be compulsory
reading for all Marxists! Recent examples on, for example, the
international diversification of United Technologies, the global
restructuring of Ford and the explosive growth of US depository
receipts are blow by blow accounts of the changing world economy.
If Marx was alive today I am sure that this magazine would be the
top of his reading list.

Will Brown		Bristol

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