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The high frequency of outright incompetence and stupidity in ruling class
decision making is surprising.  For evidence, if
you have a US college/university nearby, go visit a MBA (or undergraduate
business management) class some day.  Virtually every member of this
list will observe that the students of capitalism in the class
(and frequently the instructor as well) understand
capitalism less well than you do.  Particularly striking is the
ignorance of global capital, the IMF/World bank, or even an understanding of
 why the dollar is falling these days against the yen, mark, franc (pound
sterling too?), or the exchange rate's relationship to US budget deficit
policies (particularly as these mushroomed over the last 15 years).

Considering the ignorance of would be lackeys of capitalist class interest,
 let alone others (some of these folks actually take Rush Limbaugh
seriously!), implies that education work by the left is sorely needed, and
should be pretty effective.  Further, support may be
 obtained from folks that one is tempted to otherwise write off- e.g.,
employees of the World Bank.

On Wed, 26 Apr 1995, Justin Schwartz wrote:

(snip, snip)
> BTw I have a friend at the Bank--a woman I went to grad school with at
> Cambridge. She's personally quite nice and not the least bit a
> Chicago-school ideologue--rather a Robinsonian left-Keynesian, I I can
> acahracterize her like that. She tells me stories which lead me to suspect
> that bureaucrtic incompetence is responsible for some of the Bank's
> misbehavior. Her first assignment at the Bank, right out of Cambs econ and
> havinbg written a dissertation on Indian light industry, was to advise
> Uganda and other African countries onm agricultural economics, a suvject
> about whiuch she knew nothing. At another point she was posted to Algeria
> on the grounds, as explained to her by her superiors, that she knew
> French. In fact she had a couple years of A-level (hugh school) French and
> could read a menu or ask the way to the train station. She says this is
> quite typical.
> So you see, Scott, "some of my best friends" are Communist Party members
> and others are lackeys of imperialism. That's waht comes of spending too
> much time at ruling class educational institutions.
> --Justin Schwartz
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