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On Wed, 26 Apr 1995, Ralph Dumain wrote:

> Well, James and his Tendency did function within the Socialist
> Workers Party and the Workers Party in the Trotskyist movement in
> the 1940s.  I am embarrassed not to be able to recall whether
> James and co. labelled themselves third-campers, but they
Was the Third Camp proper not based
> throughout on the anxieties over alliances (rejection of
> defensism) and a preoccupation with State governments rather than
> workers' shopfloor self-activity?

Tim? Tavis? Someone who knows this history better than I, please say.

> Anyway, James's WORLD REVOLUTION 1917-36 was a landmark work, the
> only one of its kind.

Not quite. E.H. Carr has a history of the Comintern in the 30s, with a
supplementary volume on the Comintern In the Spanisj Civil War. Like
everything of Carr's, this is essential reading. Carr, though, is soft on

  This book (James') was out of
> print for decades and retrievable only occasionally from rare book
> dealers, but was finally reprinted recently by Humanities Press.
> Buy it.


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