CPUSA: Moscow's stooge

TimW333521 at aol.com TimW333521 at aol.com
Wed Apr 26 07:02:07 MDT 1995

I agree with your political analysis of the CPUSA and what was and is wrong
with it.  However, I do think it matters that: 1) it received massive
subsidies from the USSR which could not help but  effect its independence; 2)
that its top leadership knowingly facilitated the utilization of some party
members as espionage agents of the USSR;  3) And, quite frankly, I admit to
an emotional attachment to "The Old Man" (Leon Trotsky) and therefore find
repugnant the thought that top leaders of the American CP facilitated his axe

I do not hold the rank file honest working class militants in the CPUSA
responsible for this reprehensible conduct.  They became its victims as the
leadership's conduct made it far easier to persecute the CP than it would
have been if the organization's relationship with the Soviet Government, its
monies and its secret agents, had been different.

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