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Wed Apr 26 21:41:25 MDT 1995

Steve Wright sent this message to me; on his approval I am forwarding it to
the list:

 the Jenna See quote (I must have missed the original) makes me
think of some of the arguments the like of Sergio Bologna and Negri
mounted in the 70s when insisting that the law of value had been overcome
by capital.

 ...isn't the expansion of credit and fictitious capital more a case of
stretching value relations like a rubber band - and rather than breaking, a
point must be reached when they
snap back again quite violently?

Otherwise, if capital can overcome the law of (surplus) value, then we
aren't in some sort of twilight zone like that sketched out by Jacques
Camatte, where capital has no internal contradictions and is truly a
*thing* with life of its own, rather than the *thing-like form* assumed
by particular social relations?

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