Some thoughts on the Oklahoma bombing

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Wed Apr 26 22:24:14 MDT 1995

		In response to Scott Marshall's excellent letter,

	Several years ago, I watched on C-Span as a conservative congressman
self-effacingly gave a talk before a conservative Washington think-tank that
was only barely politely listened to.  The subject of the talk was how the
Democrats were "caucusing with the socialists".  There was, at that time
exactly one socialist in congress - Berney Casey.  Amazed, I tried to get
friends to watch the speech.  I received even less enthusiasm than the
speaker.  I went on to insist that this man was one to watch; that he was a
powerful thinker.  My comments were derided.  Friends, conservative
and liberal, said the man was just a nut.  Following the man, I further
insisted that he might well be the reactionary truth that could make us free
- dialectically.  I was openly mocked.  My reasoning was that the logical
extension of the anti-statist rhetoric of the right, if taken
seriously  (who knew ?),
could lead Americans into the arms of socialists, who truly (and calmly)
could explain what elements of the state (in the broader sense) subjugated
the working class.  The congressman of whom I speak is currently (barring a
midnight putsch) the Speaker of the House.

	Even without emphasizing the current terrorist disaster, the current
situation has a distinct tinge of political Armaggedon, with the
conservatives in Sodom and Kennebunkport, and Newt's head showing the big
winning Pick-3.

	Fortunatly for the Revolution, relatively few socialists
will be taken up by the Rapture.  Very forward-thinking, that Marx.


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