CPUSA: Moscow's stooge

Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Thu Apr 27 07:50:42 MDT 1995

TimW wrote:

 >                                    3) And, quite frankly, I admit to
 > an emotional attachment to "The Old Man" (Leon Trotsky) and therefore find
 > repugnant the thought that top leaders of the American CP facilitated his axe
 > murder.

As a person who has always felt uncomfortable about Trotsyism, I want to
support the emotion expressed here.

Who was responsible for the death, I would wish to be sure had been
investigated very authoritatively before accepting conclusions, but I
feel that until non-Trotskyists have also mourned his death, his and many
other ghosts of the past will not be laid to rest.

Chris Burford.


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