gobalization & transnational corporations

Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Thu Apr 27 06:02:21 MDT 1995

For those interested in the subject above I have available a five part
series of articles that ran in the Guardian (Socialist Party of Australia)
by it's editor Anna Pha. It has much up-to-date information and is well
written and easy to read. Especially interesting is the way it deals with
current privatization issues and other attacks on working people.

While I think it is very good, I do think its weakness is not discussing US
imperialism and its global role. Though Pha does not move in this direction
- many on the left (and some on this list) now fall for some variation of
Kautsky's "Superimperialism" I fear.

It is too long to post here but I will be glad to email the series to any
interested folks.


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