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Here's more options for action for all those on Marxism-l who want to
oppose the far right in deed as well as word.

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Subject: We Rained on HLI's Parade!
Date: 26 Apr 1995 00:55:59 GMT
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Organization: Babylon, Montreal, Canada

Human Life International Gets "Worst Reception Ever" in Montreal!

According to Father Paul Marx, the founder and present-day chairman of Human
Life International, the Maryland-
based group received its worst welcome ever in Montreal this April. The
anti-abortion group, which is also
virulently homophobic, AIDSphobic, anti-semitic and anti-Moslem, was in town
for its "Fourteenth World
Conference on Love, Life and the Family". I have posted you all several
factsheets, articles, and other stuff over the
past few months about this organization, so this is not going to be a
background article or anything like that. Later
this week I will be deleting this "HLI-List", as the group has now departed.
However, I will maintain the files I
have collected on HLI, and am willing to send information, either online or
hardcopy, anywhere people want it if
they are organizing against this group. My snail mail address, as present,

Anti-HLI Group
2035 Boul. St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec
H2X 2T3

As long as I still have all of your e-mail addresses together, I will try to
fill in some of the gaps in the media


For those of you who don't know, HLI's members were confronted with from 2-5
thousand demonstraters outside
their opening Mass at Notre Dame basilica. People threw eggs, fruit, picket
signs, bottles and condoms at the xtians
as they walked quickly to their hotel, protected by Montreal's finest riot
cops. Later that night, due in part to
people's exuberance (a cop van got trashed) and in part to undercover police
officers and cop provocations, eight
people were arrested. At least one of these people was arrested by an
undercover cop who had managed to infiltrate
at least one meeting of the Coaliution against HLI. Most, but certainly not
all, of the arrested were punks. Four of
the arrested were held for five days, under a tricky legal pretext whose name
I do not know in English. The charges
are the routine for such a situation: mischief, assaulting a police officer,
obstruction of justiuce, etc.


The Coalition against HLI organized almost solely around the abortion issue,
a fact that alienated many queers,
Jews and others who were pro-choice but also felt that they personally were
under attack. The Coalition posters fro
the April 19th dmeonstration included almost three paragraphs about HLI's
sexism and misogyny, and only onse
sentence about Jews, Moslems and queers. It required a vote at a Coalition
meeting just to get it so that a gay man
would be allowed to speak at the April 19th demo., and although this vote was
won, in the end there were no gay
men who actually got invited to speak... Likewise, the absence of some Jewish
and Moslem groups from the
Coalition acnnot only be blamed on their conservatism, but must also be
blamed on people prioritizing one form of
oppression, practically to the exclusion of others.
And so it was that Jews printed up their own posters and leaflets attacking
HLI for being sexism, but also
describing its flagrant racism. And queers did the same, and actually got it
together, at very short notice, to
organize a demonstration in front of the Radisson hotel on April 22nd, as
Randall Terry spoke within.
Terry, the leader of Operation Rescue and a high-placed official in the US
Tapxayers Party, was supposed to be
barred from Canada, but then the government gave him a special entry permit,
just so that he could go and speak
and (according to media reports) raise tonnes of cash at HLI's closing
banquet. And so it is that the some State
which still bans queer porn (after all, we wouldn't want to be able to
degrade ourselves) let in a guy who has called
for the death penlty for homosexuals!
Almost five hundred queers and supporters turned out for the quiet
demonstration in front of the Radisson. For
Montreal, this is a good-sized crowd, and a diverse one too: there were
punks, transsexuals, bisexuals, straight
suppporters, gays, lesbians and others, some of whom had come as far away as
Ottawa, Toronto, and even NYC!


Although HLI is a far-right group, it is also respectable and, above all,
committed to traditional Catholicism. So it
was surprising (to me) to see nazi skinheads of the Northern Hammerskin
variety skulking around our
demonstration (I had them figured as Christian Identity, i.e. hardline
anti-Catholic). Also spotted spying on us were
Michel Larocque (of the local KKK chapter, Longitude 74) and a member of the
Mouvement pour une Immigration
Restreinte et Francophone (a racist, "respectable" front for racists).
However, such "radical right" presence was far
less than the rumourmongers were predicting: over the week I heard more
rumours than I care to think about to the
tune of "NorthernHammerSkins are having a continental convention in the
suburbs this weekend" to "is that guy
over there a member of the HeriatgeFront"!
There were fascists attending the HLI gathering, of course. Angelus Books of
Barrie (Ontario) had a stall where
they peddled John Birch Society books, as well as stuff from Action Familiale
et Scolaire - a far-right Catholic
group in France. One of these books was a long anti-Moslem rant, while
another was an anti-Freemason rant, with
a chapter entitled "Freemasonry and Judaism" for those of us too out of it to
know that there really is no difference!
Angelus Books would be a project worth doing a little more research on. It
seems to be run by one John Potter, the
author of "Where have all the little girls gone?" (Canisius Books), "A Study
in Syncretism" (distrubuted by the
Canadian League of Rights) and "Environmentalism or Pantheism?" (Instauratio
Press). The latter pamphlet
includes quotes from Larouchite sources, as well as other right-wing
Catholics. A catalogue of Angelus Books'
reveals a true far-right perspective: Confidential and Jeune Nation, two
highbrow but openly fascist Montreal
periodicals are distributed, as in Canadian Intelligence Service (of Canadian
League of Rights). Ron Gostick even
gets a special mention. Gostick, for those of you who don't know, is the man
behind the Canadian League of Rights,
a holocaust denying, anti-semitic, far-right organization presently based in
Alberta. Angelus Books of Barrie: 38
Jill's Court, Barrie Ontario, Canada, L4M 4L7; telephone: 705-726-3607.
And then there were the people who spoke, who have already been described in
other posts.
One point on this subject which should be added is that, because of the
energy some people put into publicizing Dr
Paul Cameron's calls for murder of HIV+ people, HLI was forced to bar him
from the conference unless he
apologize (he didn't apologize: big surprise!). HLI still sells his
litteraure though, and it remains to be seen if this
ban will apply to other HLI events.
Yehuda Levin, the Brooklyn rabbi behind the Jewish Anti-Abrotion League, was
integrated into the HLI apparatus
at this conference. Levin now has some title lkike "Jewish Community
Liaison", or some such thing. He basically
gets to talk at HLI events from now on, basically saying that just because
Paul Marx blames Jews for sex education,
contraception and the abortion "holocaust" doesn't make him an anti-semite,
for these are just painful truths. Of
course, anyone who has read Marx's shit realizes that Levin is either an
idiot or a self-serving turncoat.

HLI in the Future

It doesn't look like the fuckers will be setting up in Montreal this year.
They seemed to have been a little bit put off
by the welcoming party we organized. However, they are still around, and have
a busy schedule throughout the rest
of the year. Here is a list of HLI gatherings mentioned in the brochure some
of us got as we infiltrated their

June 1-4                Kiev, Ukraine                   East Europe Regional COnferenc
June 16-18      Seattle, WA                     Pro-Life/Family Weekend Conference
August 5-10     Brasilia, Brazil                        Latin American Leadership Training Conference
August 17-22    Yaounde, Cameroon               North Africa Regional Conference
August 24-27    Auckland, New Zealand           National Pro-Life/Family Conference
August31-Sept2  Harare, Zimbabwe                South African Regional Conference
Sept 15-17      Dallas, TX                      Pro-Life/Family Weekend Conference
Oct 20-22       Lafayette, Louisiana            Pro-Life/Family Weekend Conference
Oct 25-29       Manila, Phillippines            Far East Regional Conference
Nov 10-12       Birmingham, AL                  Pro-Life/Family Weekend Conference
Nov 10-12       Calgary, Alberta                        Pro-Life/Family Weekend Conference
Jan 12-14, 1996 Madras, India                   Asian Regioanl Conference

Anyone in any of these locations, or with contacts there, feel free to get in
touch with me. I can send out info. I have
electronically stored, as well as hardcopy packets of info. about HLI.
Planned Parenthood International has also
produced a video about HLI.

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